Monday, August 4, 2014

Custom Name Hot Pink Zebra Stripes Purple Glitter Wristlet Purse

It's Monday, time to get up and go! Grab your essentials and head out the door with a custom wristlet from Zazzle. This girly bag is 8''x5'', just the right size to fit credit cards, cash, make-up, and your cellphone. This girly design is printed on a satin fabric exterior, and can be personalized just for you.

Modern, chic and trendy neon hot pink zebra stripes pattern (animal print) with indigo purple glitter (not real glitter) with a black diamonds ribbon stripe (not real diamonds) with hearts and dots personalized with your name gifts or monogram gifts or your initials or you can add your own personal text. Glitter zebra gift ideas for girls, teenagers and women.

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