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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hot New Color Trends For Spring 2014

It's New York Fashion Week this week. September 5th-12th! And PANTONE wastes no time releasing the Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013: A palette filled with a rainbow that ranges from the soft and natural to the bold and beautiful. How will you incorporate these amazing colors into your wardrobe?

Read the PANTONE Fashion Color Report: Spring 2014 Here

Hot New Color Trends For Spring 2014 | Oh So Girly

This rainbow of spring colors is sure to inspire! 
Here's a quick reference list with 
HEX Color Codes for HTML:
  • Placid Blue #accbe8
  • Violet Tulip #9295ca
  • Hemlock Green #9eceb4
  • Paloma Grey #a9b2b1
  • Sand Brown #cdb48c
  • Freesia Yellow #ffd602
  • Cayenne Red #e66665
  • Celosia Orange #f47d43
  • Radiant Orchid #ae70af
  • Dazzling Blue #076bb6

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