Monday, August 12, 2013

Hot Color Trends Fall Colors 2013

Are you all geared up for Fall? In some areas, there is already a feeling in the air that autumn is knocking at the door. Here is a list of projected hot colors in Women's Fashion according to PANTONE: 

Read the PANTONE Fashion Color Report: Fall 2013 Here

What an array of lovely colors!
Here's a quick reference list with 
HEX Color Codes for HTML 

  • Emerald #02a68d
  • Mykonos Blue #016295
  • Linden Green #c8cd7d
  • Acai #44225e
  • Samba #bb1e39
  • Koi #e4633b
  • Deep Lichen Green #e4633b
  • Vivacious #ba1a62
  • Turbulence #4e5c5f
  • Carafe #513c1f

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