Saturday, July 20, 2013

Color Psychology and Your Mood

Welcome to my new blog: Color and Fashion! I love to create personalized gifts and greeting cards to make people feel special and happy. Color plays a major role in whether a gift is accepted with joy or not. For instance, who wants to receive an 'I love you' card in dull blacks and greys. How depressing would that be! 

Ever since I was a young girl I've been fascinated by color. Just for fun, I read books on color psychology, learning about the role color plays in your life and how it can affect your mood and even personality. Have you ever felt like an invisible wall flower while wearing a bright red polka dot dress? Not possible! If you wanted to be invisible, I guarantee you'd be stressing about sticking out like a sore thumb in an outfit like that. If you truly want to blend into the background, you'd put on a shlumpy grey turtleneck and sweat pants . . . Wait, scratch the sweat pants, that might draw more attention (i.e. stares) than you plan on! Better just stick with a mousy brown dress.

The first time I was introduced to color psychology, it was by sheer accident. I was browsing the psychology section at the library and I stumbled upon a book called the Luscher Color Test by Max Luscher. It came with eight color cards in a pouch on the inside cover. I was immediately intrigued and had to check it out. Reading commenced as soon as I got home. I spread out the cards and put them in order of preference as the test instructed, and was amazed at how accurate the results were.

These were the eight colors included:

Red: "Force of Will" eccentric, active, aggressive, competitive, action, desire, excitement, sexuality.

Green: “Elasticity of Will” passive, concentric, defensive, persistence, self-esteem/assertion, pride, control.

Blue: “Depth of Feeling” passive, concentric, tranquility, calm, tenderness.

Grey: Non-involvement and concealment.

Violet: “Identification” unrealistic/ wishful fulfillment, charm, enchantment.

Brown: Bodily senses, indicates the body’s condition.

Yellow: “Spontaneity” ex-centric, active, projective, aspiring, expectancy, exhilaration. 

Black:  Nothingness, renunciation, surrender of relinquishment.

This is an excerpt from this article on Wikipedia

 Want to give it a try for yourself? You can take it right online.

First, you'll be asked whether you are a male or female, then you'll click on the colors you are most drawn to down to the least. After that, you'll be asked to take the test again. You can take it right away, but you'll get more accurate results if you wait for the timer to count down. It's not a memory test, so you don't have remember your first choices. Be spontaneous and have fun with it! If you'd rather just read the book, Amazon has several copies for sale.

Did the test describe how you're feeling? Did you want to change your mood? Or perhaps enhance it? Why not surround yourself with a color that makes you feel the way you want to.

Here is a fun article about how the colors you wear affect you. After reading it, I have the need to sport some orange.

Now that you're all dressed up and feeling good, why not go pass the feeling on to someone else by sending them a card or a colorful little present. Here is another great article to help you choose the perfect color to express how you feel about them.

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